Monthly Solicits

So many comics come out each month that it can be pretty overwhelming.  If only there was once place to come to have all the info from the various Publishers monthly solicitations.   Well you are in the right place.  Comic stores are always ordering at least two months a head of what is on the shelves right now, so if you want to know what new titles, collected editions, toys, etc are coming, then be sure to check back and click the links below for a break down by publisher.   Our friends at Newsarama and Comic Book Resources will provide all the details and covers of what will be released in the coming months.  

March 2018 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in March

DC Books Shipping in March

Image Books Shipping in March

IDW Books Shipping in March

Valiant Books Shipping in March

Dark Horse Books Shipping in March

BOOM Books Shipping in March

ARCHIE Books Shipping in March

February 2018 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in February

DC Books Shipping in February

Image Books Shipping in February

IDW Books Shipping in February

Valiant Books Shipping in February

Dark Horse Books Shipping in February

BOOM Books Shipping in February

ARCHIE Books Shipping in February

January 2018 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in January

DC Books Shipping in January

Image Books Shipping in January

IDW Books Shipping in January

Valiant Books Shipping in January

Dark Horse Books Shipping in January

BOOM Books Shipping in January

ARCHIE Books Shipping in January

December 2017 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in December

DC Books Shipping in December

Image Books Shipping in December

IDW Books Shipping in December

Valiant Books Shipping in December

Dark Horse Books Shipping in December

BOOM Books Shipping in December

ARCHIE Books Shipping in December

November 2017 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in November

DC Books Shipping in November

Image Books Shipping in November

IDW Books Shipping in November

Valiant Books Shipping in November

Dark Horse Books Shipping in November

BOOM Books Shipping in November

ARCHIE Books Shipping in November

October 2017 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in October

DC Books Shipping in October

Image Books Shipping in October

IDW Books Shipping in October

Valiant Books Shipping in October

Dark Horse Books Shipping in October

BOOM Books Shipping in October

ARCHIE Books Shipping in October

September 2017 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in September

DC Books Shipping in September

Image Books Shipping in September

IDW Books Shipping in September

Valiant Books Shipping in September

Dark Horse Books Shipping in September

BOOM Books Shipping in September

ARCHIE Books Shipping in September

August 2017 Shipping Books:

Marvel Books Shipping in August

DC Books Shipping in August

Image Books Shipping in August

IDW Books Shipping in August

Valiant Books Shipping in August

Dark Horse Books Shipping in August 

BOOM Books Shipping in August

ARCHIE Books Shipping in August